Vinicius de Moraes horror tales inspire new TV series

'Nocturnes' is a national production coming to TV

São Paulo

Few know people know that Vinicius de Moraes was a fan of horror movies. In film reviews he published in 1940s periodicals, he praises productions such as "Fire Mask," "The Dead Speak," "Lady and the Monster," and "Frankenstein." For Vinicius de Moraes, Frankenstein has one of the most beautiful scenes ever made in history.

Occasionally Vinicius even set aside his romantic sonnets and bossa nova compositions to venture into the genre, writing poems and short stories.

Noturnos' scene - Divulgação

Seven of these writings, produced between the years 1930 and 1950 and mapped by the producer A Fábrica, inspire the series "Nocturnes," which will premiere later in the year on Canal Brasil.

At first, the idea was to put together an anthology. It was only when directors Caetano Gotardo and Marco Dutra - who together produced the period drama "All the Dead" - landed on the project that they decided to put the texts into a single narrative about a theater company trapped in the place where they are rehearsing a musical due to a storm.

Bored, the actors begin to tell each other haunting stories, sitting around a gargoyle.
The strategy still dialogues with the multiple productions of Vinicius, who also acted as a playwright.