Águia de Ouro Samba School Wins 1st SP Title with Education Theme

Mancha Verde and Mocidade Alegre were in second and third positions, respectively

São Paulo

The Águia de Ouro samba school won its first title in São Paulo's Carnival on Tuesday afternoon.

The school's theme extolled the evolution of human knowledge from the emergence of man to the future.

The school also paid tribute to the educator Paulo Freire.

Aguia de Ouro (Foto: Ricardo Matsukawa / UOL).

The dispute was fierce. Mancha Verde (2nd place) and Mocidade Alegre (3rd place) took the podium.

Águia obtained 269.9 points - one-tenth above the runner-up, Mancha Verde.

The Águia de Ouro conquered the judges and won six of the nine items evaluated: samba-enredo, harmony, evolution, plot, allegory, and drums. 

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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