Aldir Blanc, One of The Greatest Brazilian Composers, Dies of Coronavirus

Author of 'O Bêbado ea Equilibrista', 73-year-old artist wrote some of the most famous songs in Brazilian music

Rio de Janeiro

When Coronavirus hit, Aldir Blanc never left the house. But he was forced to leave because of the virus. He never came back.

Covid-19 took in the early hours of Monday (4), in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most important lyricists in Brazilian music. Blanc was 73 years old and had been hospitalized since April 15 in the Intensive Care Unit of the Pedro Ernesto University Hospital, where an examination confirmed the coronavirus infection.

Aldir Blanc. Foto: Leo Martins / Agencia O Globo - Agência O Globo

In more than five decades of activity, Blanc has built a body of work marked by the ability to merge opposites - humor and cesspool, reverie and reality, lyricism and thickness, the village, and the world. For him, life does not involve recycling garbage. Everything is mixed. He gave the same value to the most beautiful word and the foulest expletive. So he created more than 600 pieces of work.

It was the song that made his name known nationally. In the mid-1960s, while practicing lyrics and poems, he acted as a drummer in semi-professional ensembles.

The first letters to attract attention appeared in festivals of the end of the decade. He achieved success with “Amigo É pra those Coisas,” in partnership with Silvio da Silva Jr., which placed second in the 1970 University Festival. At this time, he joined MAU, the University Art Movement, alongside Ivan Lins, Gonzaguinha and others

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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