From Big Brother Brazil Screens to The Streets, Pajamas and 'Pillow' Sandals Became a Trend

Pieces that prioritize comfort without fear of being tacky are favorites of celebrities

Ribeirão Preto

Woke up and already ready.

That's the concept behind pajamas like the ones Tiago Abravanel wouldn't take off on Big Brother Brasil, even awake and out of bed, and the sandals with big padded straps that Linn da Quebrada wore to a party.

It might seem like Abravanel and Linn just wanted to save a few minutes and extend their nap instead of spending time getting dressed, but in fact, pajamas and pillow sandals are all the rage in the fashion industry.

These are the same pieces that, in the most acute phases of the pandemic, became a uniform for those who, trapped inside the house, did not want to be carried away by sloppiness, but also did not want to give up the comfort of the home office.

Tiago Abravanel - Globoplay

"Why can't we wear our most comfortable clothes to go out?," asks Vivian Abravanel, Tiago's sister and partner at T_Jama, the pajama brand created by the actor three years ago.

Pajamas like T_Jama's are made for transitioning from bed to office.

Beyond the walls of the BBB, the style fell in the taste of figures such as Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker, who parade in their pajamas through the streets of London and New York, and inspired brands such as Dior.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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