Battle Under Way

The Social Security reform bill will take a long time in Congress and will require careful coverage

Few topics demand so much attention from the newspaper and readers like the Social Security reform bill. 

Deemed urgent by many both from the right and left, as well from the business community, the reform has been promised by many administrations before. They all failed in the grand scheme things, with only small victories here and there.  On Wednesday (20th), president Bolsonaro sent Congress his proposed bill, with several changes in the constitution.

The press got into the weeds of the bill but didn't make clear the long battle ahead. The bill needs to go through several commissions, and will be amended, redacted and will receive the new paragraphs. It will need to go through two votes in the House and two in the Senate before it turns into law. Many readers understood that the bill might become law as it is now, which couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Folha's coverage was correct but didn't shine through the noise that flooded the readers. The discussion on how Brazilians will face retirement is only beginning - again. It's essential to provide context and cover it in a balanced, simple and organized fashion.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV
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