ANALYSIS: The Lula support network invests in nostalgia, polarization, and nods to young people

The event shows the breadth of the candidacy, but now it is necessary to transform the range of support into a coherent political campaign

São Paulo

Lula's campaign is still being built without coordination and with a communication team that is being reorganized by leaps and bounds. But it's already possible to identify three axes of the former president's candidacy.

The first is the old-fashioned, or, to put it another way, a nostalgic tone. This included references to past campaigns and Lula's governments. There were also plenty of mentions of the ex-president's arrest, now transmuted into a founding myth for the current candidacy.

Another is the total bet on polarization with Bolsonaro. As Lula and Alckmin said, there is no third way, only the dispute of two projects. Both made explicit calls for other political opposition forces, especially the centrist ones, to join the alliance against the current president. A film shown on the big screen made this clear, with the screen split in half between references to Bolsonaro, such as unemployment, neglect, and death, and points associated with Lula, such as food, education, and life.

Finally, there was the implicit recognition that Lula is late in incorporating new audiences into the political debate. Adding young people, above all, is a watchword, which was evident in the fact that digital influencers were announced at the microphone alongside medallions from politics, culture and academia.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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