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World Health Organization Puts All of São Paulo State on Yellow Fever Risk Map

01/17/2018 - 11h41



The World Health Organization (WHO) added the entire state of São Paulo to the yellow fever risk map and recommended all international tourists traveling to municipalities in São Paulo to get vaccinated.

The guidelines have been released at a time when immunization has yet to become accessible throughout the entire state: vaccinations are currently taking place in 510 of the state's 645 municipalities as well as parts of the state capital.

The World Health Organization's statement was released just hours after a Dutch doctor reported that a patient of hers in Holland was diagnosed with the virus following a 21-day trip to Brazil. His clinical condition has improved.

Among the places he visited was Mairiporã, in Greater São Paulo. The city, which is 37 kilometers away from the state capital, has reported the highest number of yellow fever cases in the state - 8 patients have been diagnosed with the disease, 5 of which have died, according to the city's Health Secretary, since January of 2017.

Ever since July, when Health Minister Ricardo Barros declared the end of the worst Yellow fever outbreak ever registered in Brazil, there have been 35 cases of the disease in the country, 20 of which resulted in deaths, according to the Ministry of Health.

The ministry stated that it considered the World Health Organization's position "overprotective".

In addition to being vaccinated 10 days before an international trip, the WHO also recommends taking measures to avoid insect bites and to be mindful of potential Yellow fever symptoms, such as a sudden fever, chills and vomiting.


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Andre Penner/Associated Press
A woman receives a vaccine against yellow fever at a public health center, in Sao Paulo, Brazil
A woman receives a vaccine against yellow fever at a public health center, in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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