K-Beauty Arrives in Brazil, Inspiring Local Brands

Most popular items are sheet masks, cushion foundations, and moisturizers; products are found in the Bom Retiro neighborhood in São Paulo

Heloísa Negrão
São Paulo

Cushion, essence, sheet mask: this words, still new to the Brazilian beauty industry, are showing up more in either Korean products arriving in larger quantities and their local counterparts.

This flood of new products means some adaptations or changes in the Brazilian makeup style, and a broader understanding of the importance of skincare and moisturizing - in Korea, women go way beyond make-up removers and soap, with routines consisting of several steps of cleansing and moisturizing.

Brazilians, like Americans, want their make-up to cover discolorations and make the nose and face slimmer. They prefer darker colors in their eyeshadows. And, because of the heat and their oilier skin, they go for thicker, matte foundations.

Makeup artist Cindy Oh applies a Korean lip stain - Folhapress

Whereas in K-beauty, how Korean makeup and skincare products are called, the skin receives thin layers of moisturizing foundations and concealers. This causes a dewy look, which sometimes is too shiny or sticky for the Brazilian taste. In the eyes, the preference is for light colored, shimmered eyeshadows, and eyeliner.

"Koreans don't like the same kind of make-up as Brazilians, who tend to go for thicker textures. They like something more natural," says make-up artist Cindy Oh, a Brazilian born of Korean parents.

In Brazil, brands like O Boticário and Quem Disse, Berenice?, both belonging to the same business group, are trying to ride the international k-beauty wave by adapting the cushion foundation to the Brazilian taste.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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