SP Prosecutor Will Treat Funk Party Deaths as Homicide

Nine youngsters died after police intervention in the Paraisópolis favela, in São Paulo

The MP-SP (São Paulo Public Prosecution Service) will treat as a homicide the nine deaths in a funk party last Sunday (1st) in the Paraisópolis favela (south zone).

Attorney General Gianpaolo Smanio explained the steps of the investigation on Tuesday (3).

The nine young people, aged 14 to 23, were allegedly trampled to death following an intervention by the Military Police.

"I appointed the jury prosecutor to investigate the murders that occurred in Paraisópolis," he said. "She will follow the investigations," he said.

The victims were between 14 and 23 years old. - Arquivo pessoal e Reprodução

In testimonials, six military police officers, who are now on leave from duty, said they were chasing two suspects on a motorcycle. The suspects were reportedly shooting at the police and causing panic in the crowd. The party gathered about 5,000 people. Partygoers, however, said they were cornered, and there were no shots.

The prosecutor admitted concern about videos allegedly showing the police aggression to partygoers.

"The videos show aggression, a [PM] performance that needs investigation, but we know they must be expert."

The prosecutor avoided pointing out PM excesses in the operation. "No one likes nine deaths now, the way to deal with it is to find out the facts," he said.

The investigation, which should last 30 days, will be conducted by the promoter Soraia Bicudo Simões, of the 1st Jury Court. The announcement of the name gave the first indication of the line of investigation, as this court handles homicide cases.

Smanio said there would be mediation with the participation of communities and representatives of the government, but did not detail the action.

The prosecutor shied away from talking about PM's operating protocols. "Let's make sure that the violence doesn't escalate," he said.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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