São Paulo City Hall Fears Chaos with Street Carnival Groups with No Bathroom and Support

With the cancellation of the street Carnival, the city will not receive funding from the sponsor

São Paulo

After the failed attempt to convince street carnival groups not to participate in Carnival this weekend, there is still no emergency plan for the Tiradentes holiday. The holiday could potentially gather millions of people on the street.

The popular party will happen on the streets of the capital amid the lack of chemical toilets, little security, and the lack of resources for reinforcement of the police.

"I think that the street carnival groups understand that it is necessary to guarantee security and infrastructure. But it is worrying. A large volume of people requires care," says Mayor Ricardo Nunes.

In the wake of the feeling of lack of security in the capital of São Paulo, the party should not rely on special operations by the Military Police and the Metropolitan Civil Guard.

In large events like this, the two corporations usually devise strategies to avoid crime.

The Secretariat of Public Security said it had been planned security in cities with prior authorization for street celebrations. This is not the case in São Paulo.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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