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Brazil Changes the Yellow Fever Vaccination Regimen from Two Doses to Only One

04/06/2017 - 14h59



Starting this month, the Health Ministry has changed the regimen for the yellow fever vaccination there will only be one dosage applied for those planning to travel to areas in the country where the vaccination is advised.

Up until now, the Brazilian treatment regimen has included two doses, with the second recommend to be taken ten years after the first.

The change was released on Wednesday (5). The new treatment model follows what the World Health Organization (WHO) has been recommending since 2014.

According to Carla Domingues, national coordinator for the PNI (National Immunization Program), the decision was made due to the increasing number of studies that show that protection against yellow fever lasts for a lifetime, even with only one dose of the vaccine.

In recent months, the ministry has been looking for ways to increase the supply of vaccine in the midst of an outbreak of yellow fever in the Southeast.

The primary supplier, Bio-manquinhos laboratory from Fiocruz, has been operating at maximum capacity producing more than 8 million doses per month.

The ministry has also acquired 3,5 million doses from the WHO's international fund.
The coordinator denies that there is a shortage of the vaccine, but admits that demand is very high.

Currently, 3.529 municipalities spread across 19 states and the Federal District make up the area under permanent recommendation for vaccination against yellow fever.

According to Domingues, with the change, people who have already taken the first dosage no longer need to take the second.

Translated by LLOYD HARDER

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