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Brazil's Health Surveillance Agency Creates Rules to Grow Medicinal Marijuana

07/24/2017 - 09h35



After allowing patients to use cannabidiol-based products and approving the first medication with THC in the country - both substances derived from marijuana - Anvisa, Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency, intends to draw up a new rule by the end of the year to regulate the cultivation of Cannabis for research and production of extracts or future medication.

Since 2006, Act 11,343 has called for the possibility of authorization for these two cases. The lack of regulation on the theme, however, has blocked the process.

To draw up the rule, Anvisa has promoted international missions and collected information in countries such as the U.S., Canada, England, the Netherlands and Israel. The agency has also held meetings with the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Police.

The Brazilian people, however, would not be allowed to grow marijuana. At first, the intention is authorize only public laboratories, companies and universities, for example, to grow the plant accompanied by regulation and security agencies.

Associations of patients, however, could become partners with universities so that they can receive access and follow-up, says director-president of Anvisa, Jarbas BarbosaBarbosa.

Folha has learned that another point under discussion is the possibility to release a call with the rules for companies interested in growing marijuana and producing oils and extracts from cannabinoid.

These companies would sell directly to patients and be inspected by the Health Surveillance Agency - a model similar to that of Canada.

Today some of the patients who use Cannabis derivates in their treatment import the products from other countries. Others have to resort to courts to obtain authorization to grow and produce extracts, or do so illegally.

Translated by THOMAS MUELLO

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Amir Cohen - 28.mai.2013/Reuters
A worker harvests cannabis plants at a medical marijuana plantation near the northern town of Nazareth, Israel
A worker harvests cannabis plants at a medical marijuana plantation near the northern town of Nazareth, Israel

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