Brazil's Navy Is Investigating 30 Ships in Search of Oil Source

Commander also stated that there is no evidence of the Venezuelan government's involvement in the leak

Brasília and Recife

Navy Commander Admiral Ilques Barbosa Júnior said on Tuesday (22) that the investigation into the oil spill that affected Brazil's Northeast coast is focused on 30 ships from 10 countries that passed close by the Brazilian coast.

The admiral says, however, that he does not rule out the possibility that one of the other 970 ships identified by the Navy might be involved in the case.

Environmental volunteers work to remove oil waste - Reprodução/Instagram

There is also the possibility of being an unmarked ship, the "dark ships". "We will continue as long as necessary. If it takes 200 years, we will continue 200 years until we find it," he said.

Barbosa Júnior also stated that there is no evidence that the Venezuelan government caused the oil spill.

"What is known by scientists is that the oil is of Venezuelan origin, but it does not mean that there was at any time involvement of any responsible sector in both the public and private in Venezuela," he said after meeting with interim president Hamilton Mourão.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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