Fishers in Areas Impacted by Oil Have Experienced an 80% Drop in Sales

People are complaining about the lack of public support and the misinformation that fish in the region is contaminated


Anderson Carvalho's boat, 22, leans against the sand in JacuĆ­pe (40 km from Salvador), where the river meets the sea. It has not moved in the last 20 days since the first oil slicks began to reach the region.
He is using the time to maintain his boat and fishing nets.

"Fishermen are not going to the sea because it is not worth it. What is the use of having fuel costs, helpers, maintenance costs to return and keep the fish in the fridge?" he asked.

Arembepe beach, Bahƭa - GuardiƵes do Litoral

Anderson says that local fishers have experienced an 80% drop in sales since the arrive of oil. The outlook is the same for about 43,000 fishermen in coastal towns in Bahia hit by the spill.

In JacuĆ­pe, the morning fisherman's shuttle gave way to a shifting scenery. Ther are almost no boats are on the river or sea. Fishers complain about the lack of government support and the spread of news that all fish in the region are contaminated.

A study from the Federal University of Bahia analyzed 50 marine animals and identified the presence of oil in them. Researchers, however, avoid talking about contamination.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply has stated that there is no contamination of fish in areas hit by oil.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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