Greek Company Denies that Ship Leaked Oil to Northeast of Brazil

Delta Tankers said it inspected ship and that there is no proof it leaked

Greek company Delta Tankers said on Saturday (2) that an inspection of its oil tanker Bouboulina found no evidence of an oil spill from the ship.

Police and federal prosecutor investigations singled out the Bouboulina ship as responsible for the spill as it crossed the northeast coast with a Venezuelan oil cargo bound for Malaysia.

"There is no evidence that the ship stopped, made any STS [transfer of oil to ship] operation, spilled/leaked oil, shortened or diverted its route during the voyage," said Delta, which reaffirmed that it has not yet been sought by the Brazilian authorities.

Bouboulina, of the greek company Delta Tankers Credito Cesar T Neves / Marine Traffic

In the note, the company said the inspection includes researching information from cameras and sensors that the ships carry, as well as vessel activity, course changes, stops, and navigational speed, among others.

On Friday (1), the Federal Police issued search and seizure warrants for Delta service providers in Brazil, seeking information about the ship.

Investigations concluded that the oil spill occurred at the end of July and, based on simulations and satellite imagery, arriving at the origin retrospectively.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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