Brazilian Government Will Evacuate Nationals from Wuhan

Government will send two aircraft to pick up Brazilians in the city that is the focus of the coronavirus epidemic


Brazil’s government will send two planes to evacuate Brazilians and relatives who are in Wuhan, China. The city is the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic and has been sealed off to contain the spread of the infection.

Upon arriving in Brazil, they will be quarantined at Anápolis Air Base (GO). The forecast is that the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) planes leave Brasilia this Wednesday (5th) at noon and return to the country Saturday morning (8th).

The current forecast is that 29 people will come from China. - Reprodução/Youtube

The ministers of Defense announced the mission on Tuesday. Just this Tuesday, Brazil declared a public health emergency because of the new coronavirus.

A bill (bill) with the quarantine rules was also sent to Congress. Around 8 pm, deputies approved the urgency of the matter. The merit of the text would still be analyzed.

The defense minister stated that the airbase in Anápolis has good conditions to receive the Brazilians. According to him, the site meets the demand for health protocols.

At the base, the possibility of using different security protocols, according to the severity of the situation, is divided into white, yellow, and red.

The current forecast is that 29 people will come from China, including seven children. The number may change as the government receives new evacuation requests.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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