Brazil Confirms 25 Cases of Coronavirus

Most patients are in isolation at home and are in stable condition; woman in serious condition in DF had a slight improvement

The number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the country rose to 25, according to the Ministry of Health platform on Sunday.

With the update, there are already six states with confirmed cases: São Paulo (16), Rio de Janeiro (3), Bahia (2), Espírito Santo (1), Minas Gerais (1) and Alagoas (1). There is also a confirmed case in the Federal District.

(200307) -- BRASILIA, 7 marzo, 2020 (Xinhua) --Most patients are in isolation at home and are in stable condition (Xinhua/Lucio Tavora)

In the past few days, at least two states have had records of local transmission: São Paulo and Bahia. This means that the infection occurred in people with no history of traveling abroad, through contact with other patients.

The broadcast, however, is still restricted to people with ties to each other, says the ministry. There is no record of sustained transmission in the country - a term used to define cases in which there is no way to identify the source of the infection.

In addition to the cases already confirmed, the Ministry of Health's balance sheet also shows 663 records of visits to the health network during tests to investigate a possible infection with the new coronavirus.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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