Covid-19 Has Infected 1% of The Population and Killed More than 80 Thousand Brazilians

This Monday, there were 718 registered deaths and 21,749 new ones infected

Five months after the first recorded death of Covid-19 in Brazil, the country has already accumulated more than 80 thousand deaths during the pandemic. This Monday (20), 718 victims of the disease and 21,749 infected were registered.

More than 2.1 million people have been diagnosed with the virus, representing 1% of the Brazilian population. Since March, the country has recorded 80,251 deaths of patients with Covid-19.

São Pedro cemetery, in São Paulo. ( Foto: Lalo de Almeida/ Folhapress ) - Lalo de Almeida

The data with the total number of infected and victims come from the press consortium between Folha, O Estado de S. Paulo, Extra, O Globo, G1, and UOL, released in a balance sheet at 8 pm this Monday.

Last week, Brazil had a moving average of deaths with the new coronavirus of 1,047, lower than the previous week, with 1,052, the highest since the beginning of the pandemic.

The moving average is a statistical resource that seeks to give a more accurate view of the evolution of the disease. It attenuates isolated numbers that deviate from the pattern. It is calculated by adding the result of the last seven days, dividing by seven.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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