Covid-19 Continues to Advance in Communities and Kills Two Indians a Day

After almost six months of pandemic in Brazil, federal government still discusses protection plans


Almost six months after the arrival of the novel coronavirus in Brazil, Covid-19 continues to spread to indigenous communities and cause deaths. Every day, two Indians die as a result of the disease in the villages.

Despite the gravity, the government is still only discussing projects to protect the indigenous population, despite being compelled by a recent Supreme Court Decision.

Data from Sesai (Secretariat of Indigenous Health) indicate 352 deaths of Indians due to Covid-19 in the villages and a total of 21,064 confirmed cases of the disease, until Friday (21). Every hour, five indigenous people are contaminated.

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Data from Sesai indicate 352 deaths of Indians due to Covid-19 in the villages - Divulgação

The numbers, however, may be higher. According to the balance sheet of the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples, 700 Indians have died from Covid-19 and 26,615 have been contaminated.

The data is incomplete because Sesai only counts indigenous people who live in communities. The body does not include those from cities or in non-demarcated areas.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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