Federal Government Takes Precaution and Fears States Race for Russian Vaccine

Paraná confirmed partnership, and Bahia had contact with Russian ambassador

The Ministry of Health will take precaution against the new Coronavirus vaccine developed by Russia, due to the absence of the results produced by the immunization. The federal government also fears a race on the part of the states, which could potentially spend large sums of money on projects that are still not very transparent.

The state of Paraná has already announced that it will enter an agreement with the Russians for the production of the new vaccine.

Folha also found that Bahia is negotiating with the Russian Direct Investment Fund to obtain the new vaccine against Covid-19. The Russian ambassador in Brasília, Sergey Pogóssovitch Akopov, held a virtual meeting with Governor Rui Costa (PT) to discuss the issue. A memo, similar to the one signed by the Paraná government, would be in preparation.

The government of Bahia was contacted but did not speak up until the report was published.

Paraná confirmed partnership, and Bahia had contact with Russian ambassador - Getty Images

This Tuesday (11), Brazil registered 1,242 new deaths by Covid-19 and 56,081 cases of the disease. Thus, deaths already reach 103,099 and infections to 3,112,393.

In addition to the consortium's daily data, Folha also shows the so-called moving average. The statistical resource seeks to give a better view of the evolution of the disease, as it attenuates isolated numbers that deviate from the pattern. The moving average is calculated by adding the result of the last seven days, dividing by seven.

According to the data collected until 8 pm, the average number of deaths in the last seven days is 1,000, maintaining a position of stability in the data, although with high numbers.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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