Brazil Has the Lowest Rate of Coronavirus Contagion since Late April

Calculation made by Imperial College shows slowdown, but it is too early to 'sing victory', says American section of WHO


Brazil is among the six South American countries that started this week with the transmission of coronavirus under control, according to calculations by Imperial College, a reference in epidemic monitoring.

The Brazilian transmission rate (Rt) estimated by the British epidemic monitoring center is the lowest since the end of April.

Fiocruz's test (Foto: Raquel Portugal/Fiocruz Imagens) - Raquel Portugal/Fiocruz Imagens

The index is now 0.94, which means that every 100 infected people pass the coronavirus to another 94, who, in turn, transmit the disease to another 88, progressively reducing the disease's scope.

Peru and Bolivia (both with 0.88), Colombia (0.92), Ecuador (0.94), and Chile (0.97) are also among the group of South Americans who see the transmission slowing. Of these, Chile has recorded the most favorable rates for the longest time: this is the tenth consecutive week in which the Chilean Rt does not rise above 1.

Venezuela (1.06), Argentina (1.09), and Paraguay (1.32) registered an acceleration of contagion, according to Imperial College calculations, based on the number of reported deaths.

Despite the good news, the World Health Organization's American arm said on Wednesday (2) that countries cannot relax their surveillance.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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