Brazil Reaches 127 Thousand Deaths by Covid-19

There were 315 deaths and 9,992 cases of the disease; holidays usually have lower numbers due to delays in notification

Brazil recorded 315 deaths from Covid-19 and 9,992 cases of the disease, this Monday (7). As a result, the country reached 127,001 deaths and 4,147,598.

In addition to the consortium's daily data, Folha also shows the so-called moving average. The statistical resource seeks to give a better view of the evolution of the disease, as it attenuates isolated numbers that deviate from the pattern. The moving average is calculated by adding the result of the last seven days, dividing by seven.

A COVID ward that had fit 50 patients into a space meant for 12, at a hospital in Tefé, a remote city of 60,000 in Brazill's Amazonas state, June 16, 2020. .Dr. Laura Crivellari took them in, doing what she could with two respirators, many sick colleagues — and no one to replace them. At the epidemic's peak in Tefé she was the only physician on duty for two days. (Tyler Hicks/The New York Times). - NYT

According to the data collected until 8 pm, the average number of deaths in the last seven days is 784, which maintains a position of stability in the data, although with high numbers.

Brazil has a rate of about 60.6 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants. The United States, which has the highest absolute number of deaths, and the United Kingdom, both ahead of Brazil in the pandemic (that is, they started to suffer from the problem before), have 57.9 and 62.7 deaths for every 100 thousand inhabitants, respectively.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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