Brazil Reaches 137 thousand Covid-19 Deaths

The country, which surpassed Spain in deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants, registered 455 deaths and 15,821 new cases; total infections is 4.5 million

Brazil registered 455 new Covid-19 deaths and 15,821 cases of the disease this Monday (21). Thus, the country has reached 137,350 deaths and 4,560,083 people infected since the beginning of the pandemic.

Weekends, holidays, and Mondays usually present lower data, due to delays in notifications.

Nossa Senhora Aparecida cemetery, in Manaus. (Foto: Fabiano Maissonave/Folhapress) - Fabiano Maissonave/Folhapress

The average number of deaths in the last seven days is 748. Recently, Brazil’s moving average of deaths had decreased, but now it has stabilized.

With a rate of about 64.1 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants, Brazil has already surpassed the USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and France in deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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