Government Will Keep Armed Forces in the Legal Amazon until April 2021

According to Vice President Hamilton Mourão, who heads the Amazon Council, the decision to extend GLO has already been taken and will be signed by Bolsonaro until next week


The federal government decided to keep the Armed Forces in the Legal Amazon until April 2021. Vice President Hamilton Mourão (PRTB), who heads the Amazon Council, said on Monday (26) that the decision to extend the GLO (Guarantee of Law and Order), scheduled to end in November, has already been taken.

According to Mourão, the decree will be signed by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) until next week.

Brazil's Vice President Hamilton Mourao. REUTERS/Adriano Machado - REUTERS

"We need to continue because we want to enter the virtuous circle of falling deforestation. It is our commitment that we have to bring it down. And, to bring it down, we need to have people inspecting the field," the vice president told reporters this morning.

According to Mourão, R$ 180 million remains of the R$ 400 million allocated to Operation Verde Brasil 2. The vice president said that the money has to be spent by the end of this year.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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