Brazil Has 3,300 Species of Animals and Plants threatened; Atlantic Forest Is The Most Affected

IBGE study shows that the biome has a higher number of threatened species, considering fauna and flora

Rio de Janeiro

In 2014, about 3,300 species of animals and plants faced extinction in the fauna and flora of Brazil's biomes, according to a study published by IBGE on Thursday (5).

The study, "Ecosystem Accounts: Endangered Species," analyzed 16,645 species, including animals and plants, and concluded that 3,299 were threatened.

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Currently, 49,168 species of plants and 117,096 animals are recognized in Brazil. The analyzes come from existing studies with information on conservation status.

Among all biomes, Pantanal and Amazônia had the highest proportions of species in the least worrying category. According to the study, in absolute numbers, there are 54 endangered species in the Pantanal and 278 in the Amazon.

The Atlantic Forest stands out for the highest total number of threatened species, considering fauna and flora, totaling 1,989.

Cerrado and caatinga are two other biomes with a high degree of threatened species, with 19.7% (1,061 species) and 18.2% (366 species), respectively.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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