Hospitalizations for Covid Jump 26% in SP, and Doctors Criticize Inaction of São Paulo Government

Weekly jump makes the city lose 40 days of improvement, warn monitors; plan review is the 30th

São Paulo

The number of hospitalizations for Covid in the municipal system of São Paulo jumped 26% in the last week. It reached the same level as the beginning of October, worrying doctors about the São Paulo government's decision to only revise the SP Plan of social isolation measures at the end of the month.

In São Paulo, hospitalizations went from 644 on the 11th to 814 on Tuesday (17). ICU admissions rose 33%, from 339 to 451. The occupancy rate of intensive care beds increased from 32% to 44%.

In the past week, cities in Greater São Paulo, inland, and Baixada Santista have also been discharged from hospitalizations by Covid.

The analysis is from the InfoTracker project, from USP and Unesp, which has been monitoring the state's pandemic since its inception.

For researchers who follow the state's epidemic, this increase does not appear to be a mere oscillation, but the prelude to a second wave, or the resurgence of the first, as described by some epidemiologists.

The specialists think it is reckless that the São Paulo government will wait until the 30th to update the SP Plan, which regulates the state's quarantine stages.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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