Covid-19 Advances Again in the Interior of SP

In Ribeirão Preto, two private hospitals have 100% occupied ICU beds

Americana (SP) and Ribeirão Preto

The Covid-19 pandemic is advancing again in the interior of São Paulo, which already has queues for hospital care.

In Sorocaba, two hospitals --Adib Jatene and Unimed-- were 100% occupied in adult ICU beds on Sunday (13). The city hall will likely expand the number of places to reduce pressure on the health system. In three other hospitals, occupancy reached 90%.

The city has faced problems in the past week, with 10 nursing patients waiting for beds for hospitalized patients with the new coronavirus.

Sorocaba has about 24 thousand confirmed cases of the disease, with 514 deaths by Sunday. The expectation is that a 60-day agreement with the Santa Lucinda Hospital will make 20 infirmary beds available this week.

The government will pay R$ 737.59 per day for each bed, representing R$ 442,554 (US$ 86,000) per month.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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