Bolsonaro's Government Tells the Supreme Court that the Ministry Health Knew about Manaus's Oxygen Scarcity on January 8

Attorney General attempted to explain to justice Ricardo Lewandowski why the government failed

Jair Bolsonaro's government informed the Supreme Federal Court that the Ministry of Health received details of the impending oxygen scarcity in Manaus hospitals at least six days in advance of the depletion. The ministry was notified on the 8th.

The information appears in a letter from the attorney general of the Union, José Levi Mello Júnior, sent to the Supreme Court on Sunday (17).

On Friday (15), Justice Ricardo Lewandowski ordered the federal government to supply oxygen to hospitals in the capital of Amazonas and gave the government 48 hours to present a plan to deal with the emergency situation. PT and PCdoB brought the lawsuit to the Supreme Court.

The hospital oxygen provider itself, White Martins, forwarded a letter to the Ministry of Health that it had already sent, the day before, to the government of Amazonas. A copy of the document was attached to the documents delivered to the STF.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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