10 Lawsuits Investigate Health Minister's Actions during Fight against Pandemic

Prosecutors investigate vaccination failures and chloroquine delivery


The work of health minister General Eduardo Pazuello in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is being investigated in at least ten formal procedures initiated by the MPF (Federal Public Ministry). Suspicions are practical crimes and administrative impropriety.

Of the ten open lawsuits, five are public civil inquiries, which may result in actions of administrative impropriety against the minister in the Federal Court.

Convictions of the type may compel defendants to reimburse the public purse, lead to the loss of public service and veto the exercise of new public positions.

BRASILIA , DF - Minister Eduardo Pazuello. Credito TV Brasil


1- omission during the crisis of oxygen in the Amazon and the massive distribution of chloroquine

2- omission in Manaus and chloroquine distribution

3- administrative improbity in the distribution of chloroquine

4- insufficiency and slowness in the budget execution of the ministry in the pandemic

5- acquisition failures and distribution of tests for Covid-19

6- irregularities in the supply of sedatives for intubated patients

7- omission in the crisis oxygen in Manaus

8- politicization in the acquisition vaccines for Covid-19

9- irregularities in the allocation of public resources to combat the pandemic

10- insufficient PPE and inputs to SUS

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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