At the Worst Stage of The Pandemic, São Paulo Residents Are Not Social Isolating

The city has not reached 50% adherence to social isolation since December

São Paulo

The heavy street traffic in São Paulo on Tuesday (23), made it clear that most people were not socially isolating. That day, according to data from the state government, only 38% of the capital's residents stayed in their homes.

This has been the case every weekday. On the weekends this year, that index reached a maximum of 48%. The city has not reached 50% social isolation since December 27.

SAO PAULO, SP, 24-2-2021 - Gov. João Doria. (Credito: Governo do Estado de Sao Paulo no YouTube ) - Governo do Estado de Sao Paulo n

This Wednesday (24), Brazil reached 250 thousand deaths due to the disease, according to data from the media's consortium.

Now, the city is facing a record number of ICU admissions due to Covid-19. More transmissible variants of the new coronavirus are also circulating. The João Doria (PSDB) government is trying to contain the disease's spread by restricting gatherings from 11 pm to 5 am.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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