Brazil Surpasses US in Seven-Day Moving Average of Covid-19 Deaths

Since the beginning of the Joe Biden government, Americans have seen a drop in the number of deaths in the country

São Paulo

At the beginning of 2021, Covid-19 infections and deaths were rising in the United States. At the time, the pandemic was also worsening in Brazil, but the numbers were lower. Now, two months later, the situation has been reversed.

The United States is reporting less than half of the daily deaths it had in January, while Brazil is close to tripling the total number of victims. In mid-January, the United States reached its worst moment of the crisis. The weekly average Covid-19 deaths reached 3,422 per day. However, after that, the number of deaths fell steadily, a trend that continues today.

Brazil started the year in the range of 700 daily deaths. This index surpassed the mark of 1,000 deaths in the second week of January. It remained stable until the beginning of March, when it rose again strongly towards the 1,800 daily deaths, surpassing the USA, which today registers an average of 1,300 daily deaths.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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