Paraná Facing Lack of Oxygen Cylinders as Hospitalizations Rise for Covid-19

Local breweries halt production to lend equipment and prosecutor's office asks for lockdown

Rio de Janeiro

With increased Covid-19 hospitalizations, Paraná is facing problems in the supply of oxygen cylinders, mainly in the municipal networks of the western region of the state. The high demand for intubation drugs is another challenge for local authorities.

Last week, breweries in the region halted operations to lend cylinders to the municipal network of Clevelândia, 400 kilometers from Curitiba. Local brewery Insana initiated the campaign, which gained the support of other local producers.

"We are delivering all of our available oxygen cylinders, and we ask that, if you have any cylinders available, also donate," wrote the brewery in a Facebook post for other brewers, announcing the temporary interruption of its operations.

In the text, the brewery mentioned five deaths due to lack of oxygen in the city, but the state government says it has not yet been notified of deaths caused by the lack of the input. Folha was unable to contact the city of Clevelândia before the publication of this text.

The director-general of the State Department of Health, Nestor Werner, says that the situation is different from that seen in Manaus at the beginning of the year, but it is still a worrying scenario. "There is no problem with oxygen production," he says. "The problem is with the cylinders."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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