Supply of Medicines Used to Intubate Covid-19 Patient Will Last 20 Days

Without them, it will no longer be possible to help patients in critical ICUs

São Paulo

The stock of painkillers, sedatives and muscle blockers used for the intubation of patients in ICUs will last just another 20 days in Brazil, creating an additional problem for hospitals: how to help patients if they run out of medicines.

If this occurs, a new insurmountable bottleneck will be placed in the already dramatic struggle against Covid-19: even with the opening of ICU beds, the training of health professionals and the supply of oxygen, doctors will not be able to treat patients because it will be impossible to intubate them.

The consequence will be more deaths, as people will suffocate without professionals being able to guarantee them mechanical ventilation.

The situation has worsened so much in the last hours that associations representing intensive care professionals, hospitals and health operators will meet with Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) to discuss urgent solutions to the problem.

The information that stocks are low comes from the president of the Brazilian Association of Health Insurance (Abramge), Reinaldo Scheibe. "The number of hospitalizations has increased, the number of patients staying in the ICU has also increased, and the consumption of medications has exploded," he says. "Stocks can run out in 20 days," he said.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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