Brazil Has More than A Thousand Cities with Difficulties in Supplying Oxygen

Data are from Conasems, council that represents municipal health secretaries

Natalie Cancian Fabio Serapião
São Paulo

Health managers from at least 1,068 municipalities reported in a survey, concern about the stock of oxygen cylinders and even a risk of shortages in the coming days if the Covid-19 case curve remains high and there are new obstacles.

The data are the balance made by Conasems, a council that brings together municipal health secretaries, and obtained by Folha.

According to the agency, the total of municipalities with difficulties may be even greater, since only a part responded to the questionnaire. In all, managers - such as secretaries, representatives of hospitals and other health units that serve patients in Covid - from 2,411 municipalities sent data.

The survey began in the last two weeks of March, and ended on Tuesday (6). In this sense, the data highlights the situation of stocks and deadlocks faced by the municipalities.

The main one is the dependence on oxygen cylinders, a model seen as the most difficult to supply - pointed out by 87% of the municipalities as the main storage structure.

The 1,068 municipalities reported that there was a risk of shortages in at least one unit within ten days.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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