Brazil Hits A New Seven-Day Moving Average of Covid Deaths, above 3,000

Press consortium shows that on average 3,125 people die from the disease in Brazil each day

This Monday (12), Brazil recorded the highest seven-day average of daily Covid deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data collected from the state health departments.

Considering the last seven days, 3,125 Brazilians died on average daily - the moving average, a statistical resource used to reduce distortions, such as the decrease in records on weekends. The previous record had been on the last day, of 3,119. It is the fifth time that this number has exceeded 3,000, all of them this month alone.

In absolute numbers, the consortium data shows that this Monday, 1,738 new deaths were registered. Altogether, the official records account for 355,031 deaths by Covid-19 in Brazil so far.

In addition, 38,866 new cases of the disease were registered. Thus, Brazil has 13,521,409 contaminations confirmed by Covid-19.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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