Brazil Reaches 13 Million Cases of Covid and 333 Thousand Deaths, Shows Press Consortium

The country recorded 1,623 deaths and a 20-day moving average over 2,000; on Mondays, the numbers are usually lower due to notification delays

Brazil recorded 1,623 Covid deaths and 39,629 cases of the disease, this Monday (5). The low number (in relation to the extremely high previous data) does not mean, however, that the Brazilian situation has improved. Data is usually poorer on holidays (such as Easter), Sundays and Mondays.

With the figures of this Monday, the country reached 13,023,189 infected people and 333,153 Covid deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

The seven-day moving average of deaths fell again and reached 2,698 deaths per day. The average is a statistic to smooth out large variations in data, as usually occurs with Covid information on weekends, Mondays and holidays. It is calculated by adding the deaths from the last seven days and dividing the result by seven.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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