Brazil Surpasses 4,000 Killed by Covid in A Single Day

Number doubled in less than a month; Average of deaths in 7 days rises to 2,775; Over 3,000 daily deaths for 3 weeks, country sees pandemic accelerate

São Paulo

Brazil recorded more than 4,000 deaths from Covid in a single day for the first time in the pandemic.

Considered a sign of the disease's uncontrolled progress, to which the country watches inert, the 4,000 death mark was crossed on Tuesday (6) just 14 days after the record of 3,000 deaths in 24 hours and 27 days after the mark 2,000 deaths in the same interval. Among the countries with regular records, only the United States, with a 56% larger population, exceeded this daily record.

In a single day, Brazil recorded 4,211 deaths, according to data from the media consortium. It is more than the number of deaths added in the first two months of the pandemic: from the first confirmed case, on February 25, 2020, until April 25 of that year, 4,066 deaths from the disease were recorded.

More symptomatic, 4,000 deaths signify the losses that entire countries have had so far in the pandemic.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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