São Paulo State Covid ICU Occupancy Rate Remains High

Hospitalizations have stopped falling and cases are rising again, indicating that there may be another wave or stagnation at a high level

São Paulo

Covid-19 data in São Paulo show that the pandemic, which had a slight cooling in the past month, may worsen in the state or stabilize at a critical level: the number of new confirmed cases has increased again, and the number of hospitalizations ICU beds stopped falling.

The occupancy of the ICU beds, which reached its peak (92%) in the first week of April, reached 79% in the second (17). The level has remained practically the same since the last 28th, when 80% of the beds were occupied.

The number of hospitalized patients decreased 8% from one week to the next, on April 19. The last reduction was only 1%.

The past week recorded a daily average of 10,000 paulistas in intensive care units and another 11,000 in wards.

Except for April and March, when the state was on the brink of a health care collapse, there have never been such high Covid hospitalization rates.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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