Senate Investigation into Pandemic Links Private Insurance Provider to Parallel Cabinet that Advised Use of "Covid Kit" Drugs

In a statement, a physician's lawyer reported pressure and joint strategy


Covid's CPI senators say they see Prevent Senior's connection with the group that advised Planalto on promoting innocuous medicines against the virus and with the Federal and Regional Medicine Councils after Bruna Morato, lawyer of doctors who report alleged irregularities of the operator, testify .

She told the commission that the company's close relationship with the medical boards inhibited its clients from making complaints. She also cited a “pact” between Prevent and the so-called parallel cabinet, which advised President Jair Bolsonaro in favor of using the “Covid kit.”

The kit, distributed by Prevent to patients, includes medicines that have no effect against the disease and that can cause complications. According to the lawyer, the strategy was to keep the population hopeful and try to avoid the suspension of economic activities.

She added that there was pressure on doctors and that Prevent was tasked with providing the parallel office with positive data about the treatment.

The operator later admitted that its tests did not demonstrate the kit's effectiveness.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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