In SP, 7 of The 13 Prevent Senior Hospitals Operate without A License

The company has already been fined for some irregularities and claims that clarifications will be provided to the authorities

Health operator Prevent Senior, investigated by Covid's CPI, maintains 7 of its 13 hospital and emergency room units in operation without the necessary license issued by the City of São Paulo.

The irregularities include fines, administrative closure, and other legal sanctions. In addition to the units in Mooca, where an emergency room functions without a specific permit, and in Vila Olímpia, where an unauthorized field hospital operates —both fined last week—, there are problems at five more Prevent Senior addresses in the city.

The city revealed the lack of an operating license this Monday (4) for hospitals in the neighborhoods of Santana, Santa Cecília, Liberdade, Jardim Paulista, and Pinheiros.

The report questioned the municipal administration about the license of more addresses for the Prevent Senior network in the capital of São Paulo.

As informed by the secretariat, the units Dubai, Itaim, Russia, Butantã, and Belenzinho are regular.

When contacted, Prevent Senior stated that it is not aware of the notices and that all clarifications will be provided to the authorities.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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