Ministry of Health Is Debating whether to Use Coronavac to Immunize Children

Use of the Butantan vaccine still depends on ANVISA


The Ministry of Health will evaluate using Coronavac in children if the immunizing agent is approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency.

As the vaccine is the same used in adults, states are already planning to apply doses to children. Today, there are stocks, and the vaccine has been recommended as a good option for children.

The Butantan Institute filed a new application for approval of the use of Coronavac in children and adolescents, from 3 to 17 years old, on December 15th.

Members of the Ministry say that a deadline cannot yet be set for completing the immunization of children in Brazil.

The pace will depend on the possible inclusion of Coronavac in the schedule and an eventual increase in the number of doses purchased from Pfizer in the first quarter.

In a statement, the ministry stated that it "acquires and distributes only immunizing agents approved by Anvisa, including in cases of expanding age groups". The Butantan Institute was contacted, but did not respond.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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