5-Year-Old Brazilian Is The Youngest to Discover Asteroid in The World

Miro Latansio Tsai, from São Paulo, was honored by NASA

A five-year-old Brazilian boy has been recognized as the youngest person in the world to identify an asteroid. In total, there were 15 of these celestial bodies that the boy discovered and that have already been confirmed by the American Space Agency (NASA).

Born in São Paulo, Miro Latansio Tsai has always been interested in subjects related to astronomy and science. "I've always liked science, astronomy and planets," he said.

Quatro pessoas, sendo três homens adultos e uma criança. Da esquerda para direita: Marcos Pontes, ministro da Ciência, Miro Latansio Tsai, que ganhou os prêmios, Jack Tsai, pai do Miro, e Patrick Miller, membro da Iasc no colo, olham para a foto no momento de ser tirada
Miro Latansio Tsai with brazilian minister Marcos Pontes - Arquivo Pessoal

The child's curiosity for astronomy caught his parents' attention, and one day, during the quarantine, Latansio saw an advertisement for a project to hunt for asteroids, an international initiative officially called International Astronomical Research Collaboration.

The asteroid hunting project is coordinated by NASA and has the participation of other institutions around the world.

The boy's accomplishment led to an invitation to the 18th National Science and Technology Week, in which he received a certificate of merit from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation for having discovered asteroids.

He also received another certificate from IASC and NASA for his discoveries.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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