Temperature and Intensity of Rains Increased in Brazil

Survey shows the impact of the climate crisis on the country

São Paulo

Data collected at 271 meteorological stations across Brazil show that temperature and heavy rains have increased in recent decades, according to a study by the National Institute of Meteorology.

The survey of the organization is in the document "Normais Climatológicas do Brasil 1991-2020." Normals are historical averages for temperature, humidity, precipitation, humidity, and wind.

In the document, INMET states that the rise in temperature in recent years may be related to natural variability and global warming. These changes, he says, have the "most likely cause" of human actions.

Inmet compared the normals collected from 1931 to 2020 on the minimum air temperature in São Paulo. "The dawn is getting hotter in São Paulo. The elevation is greater than 1.6° C in all months of the year", says the document.

The records of extreme rains, such as those that have already killed more than 230 people in Petrópolis (RJ), also increased, with more occurrences of storms with volumes of 80 mm and 100 mm.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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