Brazil Leads Deforestation of Tropical Forests in The World

The country is responsible for 40% of the forests lost in these regions of the planet

Brazil was the leader, in 2021, in the loss of tropical forests in the world. Alone, it was responsible for 40% of the registered felling, according to data from Global Forest Watch, a forest tracking tool from non-governmental organization World Resources Institute in partnership with the University of Maryland in the USA. Global Forest Watch published the data this Thursday (28).

Altogether, primary tropical forest losses amount to 3.75 million hectares (37,500 square kilometers). In Brazil, according to the platform, the loss was 1.5 million hectares, or 15,000 square kilometers, a lower value than the previous year but greater than 2018 and 2019. Brazil is the country with the largest rainforest on the planet. In addition, Brazil has approximately 33% of the world's primary tropical forests in its territory.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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