Private Hospitals Record a 94% Rise in Covid Cases

Research shows an increase in the occupancy rate of patients with Covid

Private hospitals across the country recorded an average increase of 94% in Covid cases in the last two weeks, according to the National Association of Private Hospitals' 21 institutions.

Of the calls made in emergency rooms, 4.5% have resulted in hospitalization. Of those hospitalized, just over a quarter (28%) need intensive care.

The increase in cases is reflected in the occupancy rate of hospitals. In April, according to the survey, it was at 77.5%. At the end of May, it reached 84%. Anahp brings together 135 institutions, including Albert Einstein, Sírio-Libanês and Oswaldo Cruz.

"The moment is one of attention. There is a clear increase in hospitalizations, and hospitals are having to expand the allocation of beds for Covid. concern", says Antônio Britto, executive director of Anahp.

The growth in cases has led hospitals to expand the number of isolation beds, to relocate procedures for patients with positive tests for the coronavirus and even to "step on the brakes" of elective surgeries.

Albert Einstein, for example, reopened114 beds for Covid, which were unoccupied with a drop in cases in previous months.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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