Use of Face Masks on Planes and Airports Is No Longer Mandatory in Brazil

Anvisa's decision to come into force in the next few days

The use of face masks on planes and airports in Brazil will stop being mandatory, determined Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency). The use of the equipment will become just a recommendation.

The measure goes into effect from the moment it is published in the Official Gazette, which should happen in the coming days.

The topic was discussed by Anvisa's Collegiate Board of Directors (Dicol) at its 15th Ordinary Public Meeting.

"Due to the mandatory use of masks in the most critical moments we experienced during the pandemic, it has been possible to achieve this situation much desired by all passengers, workers, and the airport community, in which, given the current epidemiological scenario, the use of face masks is no longer mandatory", said director Alex Machado Campos, rapporteur on the topic at the collegiate.

"I reinforce that, despite the proposed flexibility, Anvisa continues to recommend the use of masks by everyone, especially for vulnerable people or people with flu symptoms, as an individual protective measure, not only against Covid but also against all other diseases transmissible by airway", he added.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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