Brazil Is Out of Partnership for Forests at COP27

The initiative presented by the United Kingdom includes other Amazonian countries


In order to verify the advances in forest conservation, it was announced at the COP27, the UN (United Nations) conference on climate change, the Partnership of Leaders for Forest and Climate. The initiative includes 26 countries and the European Union.

The absence of Brazil is noteworthy, home to the Amazon, the largest tropical forest on the planet– as well as the country leading the way in the rates of deforestation. The Itamaraty ( Ministry of Foreign affairs), in a note, states that there are forums with a better format to "address the needs of developing countries"

There are Amazonian countries, such as Colombia and Ecuador, on the list of partners, as well as other nations with significant forests, such as Congo and Indonesia.

"By joining forces, countries commit to leading by example in implementing their goals and striving to be more ambitious over time," the release document reads.

Every year, the countries that enter the pact have to take stock of the situation.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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