Paraguayan Justice Denies House Arrest to Ronaldinho

Former player and Assis will remain in preventive custody in Asunción penitentiary

The Justice of Paraguay rejected the request of Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his brother Roberto de Assis to carry out preventive detention under house arrest.

They are being investigated for the use of false passports to enter the country. Both entered National Police Specialized prison in Asunción last Friday, and at least for now, they will remain there.

The term for preventive detention in the country is six months, while the Public Ministry is investigating the case.

The lawyers presented property in the amount of US $ 800 thousand as a guarantee of residence in the country and also economical. Still, Judge Gustavo Amarilla considered the documentation insufficient and answered the Public Ministry's counter-argument, which considered the value low to prevent the risk of escape.

The false passport - Ministério Público do Paraguai

"This amount is not close to what Mr. Ronaldinho earned in the last year. This amount would be, for both of them, meager. We understand that there are no guarantees to grant the domicile," said promoter Marcelo Pecci.

According to information published by the website, Amarilla also authorized a request by the Public Prosecutor's Office to conduct investigations on Ronaldinho and Assis' cell phones.

"The size of this case is becoming clear, with new revelations. It is my responsibility, the Judiciary Branch, to ensure the continuity of this investigation. We cannot run the risk of this investigation ending because of an escape or an exit from Paraguay," said the judge.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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