Series A Brazilian Clubs Want to Create Independent League to Organize The Brazilian Championship

Teams also ask for changes in the CBF statute and greater decision-making power

São Paulo

The Series A clubs presented a letter this Tuesday (15) to the Brazilian Football Confederation in which they stated their intention to create an independent league.

The initial idea is that this league will take over the organization of the Brazilian Championship. Nineteen of the 20 clubs in the first division signed the document. Serie B teams were also invited.

The intention to create the league and to gain more decision-making power in Brazilian football was revealed by the website and confirmed by Folha.

In the letter, the clubs communicate "the immediate decision to create a football 'League' in Brazil, which will be founded as soon as possible and which will organize and economically develop the Brazilian Championship."

The only Serie A club that did not sign the document was Sport. Its president, Milton Bivar, resigned from office, and a new election will be called in the association.

The clubs started pushing for the creation of a league after the accusation of sexual harassment that pushed Rogério Caboclo out of the CBF presidency.

The league does not have a defined format yet, but this will be discussed among the clubs in the immediate future. At the meeting, the CBF stated that it will assess how much it should yield to the will of the clubs, but a new meeting has not yet been scheduled.

In an official statement, the organization confirmed the meeting and said that "the clubs presented a letter with collective requests, which will be the object of internal analysis by the CBF."

The letter also says that the movement started "due to several events that have been accumulating over the years and that reveal a total and absolute distance between the desires of the clubs that support Brazilian professional football and the way in which the CBF is managed."

Therefore, the clubs also asked to change the statute of the CBF so that they have more decision-making power in the entity.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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