Police Investigate Racism of Fans in Brazil Cup Final

Videos show fans imitating monkeys and referring to skin color


The Civil Police of Paraná opened an investigation of racism by Athletico fans during the Brazil Cup, on Wednesday (15). Videos with Athletico fans imitating monkeys and referring to the skin color of Atlético-MG fans circulated on social networks., motivating the investigation.

Atlético-MG beat Athletico by 2-1, in Curitiba becoming the Brazil Cup champions.

In two videos released by Band TV journalist Bianca Molina on social media, white men make gestures that appear to be monkeys and point to the area of ​​the stadium where the Atlético-MG fans were. In another video, shown in another profile, a woman appears to imitate monkeys from inside a stadium box.

Athletico Paranaense said in a statement issued on Thursday (16) that it became aware of what the club called "acts of racism" committed during Wednesday's game. He declared that "racism is unacceptable and, more than that, criminal."

"The club will spare no effort to investigate the events, identify those responsible and pass on all information to the competent authorities," he added.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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